Throwback Thursday: Old Time Fly Fishing

April 9, 2020 By: Spencer Durrant

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Throwback Thursday, so I figured now was better than ever to provide an escape from reality. Today’s video is a personal favorite of mine that’s been around for five years. It’s not old nor vintage; rather, it’s a modern look at what may have been in the fly fishing days of old. Footage from earlier than the 50s and 60s is incredibly rare – perhaps even nonexistent (if you’re aware of any fly fishing footage pre-1950, please get in touch with us here at MidCurrent).

But part of the love of fly fishing, I think, is the dreams it creates within us. Whether that’s dreams of big fish, the perfect spring creek, or the opportunity to fish in the West 150 years ago with modern technology, we all dream of something. This short film is an excellent representation of someone’s dream.