Beer is Changing Lives

January 29, 2020 By: Spencer Durrant

This is one of the more unique fly fishing stories I think I’ve ever found. It comes to us courtesy of Fly Fisherman Magazine, and I highly recommend that everyone read it in its entirety.

The article, by Ross Purnell, details something pretty extraordinary. As some of you may know, back in March 2019, SweetWater Brewing Company launched a new product called Guide Beer. The company planned to donate 11% of the profits from sales of that beer to a fund that would be used to help pay for the medical bills – and bills caused by natural disasters – that most fly fishing guides can’t cover on their own.

In July 2019, SweetWater founder Freddy Bensch delivered the first check from the Guide Beer fund to a guide in Florida.

This is a remarkable story, and Purnell does it far better justice than I can here. Take a few minutes to read through his story.