Podcast Episode: “Kuchook, Kamchatka’s Bear Dog”

December 3, 2019 By: Erin Block

Kamchatka, Russia, has a reputation for big steelhead and big bears. “Each year Kamchatka’s many bears and a few fortunate anglers cross streamside paths in a shared pursuit of the elusive steelhead. In order to protect their clients, local Kamchatka guides use dogs to keep the hungry bears at bay. Enter Kuchook – arguably the most bad-ass alpha dog in the region.” No other dog was as respected and loved as Kuchook. Sadly, Kuchook was recently brought down by a bear. Guide Greg Kennedy and industry rep / photographer, John Sherman join the Barbless podcast to celebrate Kuchook’s legacy, share some special moments on the water with him, and pay tribute to Kamchatka’s Top Alpha Dog, Kuchook. Listen here.