New Fly Fishing Books – Sept. 2

September 2, 2019 By: Erin Block

  • Western Waters: Fly-Fishing Memories and Lessons From Twelve Rivers by Tom Alkire is a collection of essays about well-known (and some not-so-well-known) Western waters. “From rainforest rivers to desert rivers, from tidal rivers to those along the Continental Divide, the author has waded and fished these waters over the decades. Along with his fishing adventures, the book also looks at the geography, the early explorers of, and the modern-day impacts on the rivers themselves.” Stackpole Books [Hardcover] (August 26, 2019).
  • Tying Bugs: The Complete Book of Poppers, Sliders, and Divers for Fresh and Salt Water by Kirk Dietrich is a comprehensive fly tying book, which includes over 400 detailed step by steps for traditional patterns such as Lefty’s Bug and the Sneaky Pete, as well as new and innovative patterns tied with the latest materials. “All facets of bug making are covered, from shaping the heads on cork, foam, and balsa, to tying articulated patterns, to creating weedguards. Also included is an extensive section on DIY painting and coloring techniques.” Stackpole Books [Paperback] (August 22, 2019).
  • A Passion for Steelhead by Dec Hogan is a book of techniques, revelations, and observations by an expert guide. “Pointers include selecting the most effective fly for various river conditions, choosing the right tackle, adjusting to different water types, spey casting, and finding the most productive streams of the season, and a chapter on why steelhead choose to take or refuse a fly is included.” Wild River Press, Masters on the Fly Series [Paperback] (September 1, 2019).