TFO Introduces New Products

July 18, 2019 By: Erin Block

Temple Fork Outfitters announced new products, from the BVK SD reels to Tactical Bass Rods, at the recent ICAST show. 

Read more in the press release below. 

TFO Introduces New Products

Temple Fork Outfitters is proud to announce several new products that were introduced at the 2019 ICAST show last week.  The products were received with excitement. Each product group and its press release is listed below. 


Axiom II-X

The Axiom II-X was designed for the intermediate to advanced fly angler seeking to maximize accuracy at distance. [Read full press release here.]


NXT Black Label Kit

The NXT Black Label series Kits were designed to make fly fishing simple and affordable – TFO’s mission. [Read full press release here.]


BVK SD Reels

We took the successful BVK series of reels, added a fully sealed drag system and didn’t raise the price one penny! Introducing the BVK SD series of reels: A fully-sealed drag system with super easy LH/RH retrieve changes and minimal maintenance. [Read full press release here.]


Tactical Elite Bass

The Tactical Elite Bass series is our premier level fishing tool for tournament anglers. Tactical Elite Bass rods optimize technique specific actions with performance maximizing componentry. When success equates to earning a paycheck, Tactical Elite Bass series rods do not compromise on any aspect of design, engineering or manufacturing in order to guarantee anglers performance, consistency and durability. [Read full press release here.]


Tactical Bass

The Tactical Bass series of rods are precision fishing tools for serious anglers. Designed to match optimized rod actions and powers to specific fishing techniques, this series insures success on the water. From topwater specific, to crankbaits, to various structure and finesse actions the Tactical Bass series has it covered. And most importantly, TFO’s manufacturing capabilities and quality standards guarantee rod action consistency and durability over time. [Read full press release here.]


Professional Walleye

With a premium on high sensitivity, the Professional Walleye series is designed specifically for pursuing this finicky and notoriously light biting fish. Beginning with the blanks, to the grips and the reel seats, everything is maximized for sensitivity and the series lengths, powers and actions are built around some of the most successful walleye techniques: jigging, rigging, cranking and trolling. [Read full press release here.]

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