Tippets: Australian Heatwave Affecting Fish, Great Lakes Carp Cowboys, Will the Colorado River Run Dry?

January 16, 2019 By: Erin Block

  • Extreme heat in Australia’s New South Wales has resulted in a fish kill in the Darling River. “Australian state government on Tuesday announced plans to mechanically pump oxygen into lakes and rivers after hundreds of thousands of fish have died in heatwave conditions.” Via AP News.
  • For years, Asian Carp have threatened the Great Lakes ecosystems. “Now, the battle against the invasive fish is becoming more aggressive, more expensive and more desperate. Engineers and ecologists have come up with a variety of ways to combat the growing threat. Illinois has sent in a team of “Carp Cowboys” to rustle up and herd the fish out of the water.” Via Fox.
  • The Colorado River is facing increasing demands on its diminishing flow. In this article from Yale, Jim Robbins looks a drying West: “The needs of fish, wildlife, and native flora have always been at the bottom of the priority list, lost to the needs of booming cities and thirsty crops. That’s changing, as a growing number of people and organizations are working to carve out a future for a more natural river.”