Tippets: Interview with Jim Bartschi of Scott Fly Rods, Safe Handling for Winter Steelhead

December 22, 2018 By: Erin Block

  • Jim Bartschi of Scott Fly Rods is a recent guest on the Anchored with April Vokey podcast. “Scott Fly Rods was started in a San Francisco basement in 1973. As a teenager, Jim Bartschi used to spend his time pestering Harry Wilson, the company’s founder, with questions until he was eventually offered a job. The position was a success — to date, Jim is the company’s president and rod designer.” Listen here for more of the Scott Fly Rods story.
  • There are a few special catch and release techniques to keep in mind when fishing for winter steelhead. Bryan Huskey outlines how to keep your cold weather catches safe in this article via Keep ‘Em Wet.