Tippets: Biology of Fly Fishing, Five Flies for December

December 8, 2018 By: Erin Block

  • Understanding the biology of your quarry can help you be a more successful angler. “The entire basis of fly fishing is to fool a fish into accepting your (entirely artificial) fly pattern as if it were genuine prey. Because of this, the whole activity boils down to ‘hotwiring’ the systems that fish normally use to recognize what is worth eating (and how to tell that apart from general crap drifting past!). So, while you don’t have to throw out what you know already, you can help to make your knowledge more effective by looking at it in the light of some extra biological info.” Learn more via Discover Tenkara.
  • In this video from Trouts Fly Fishing, guides Danny Strine and Scott Dickson head to Cheesman Canyon and outline go-to flies for winter fishing conditions.