Tippets: Veterans on the Water, First Trip for Northern Pike

November 27, 2018 By: Erin Block

  • This recent article on CNN features the work Warriors & Quiet Waters is doing to help veterans through fly fishing. “The group invites post-9/11 veterans from all over the country to participate in week-long fly-fishing expeditions. Veterans are outfitted with clothing, gear, and lessons before spending two days on some of the country’s best fishing rivers. The foundation’s executive director, Faye Nelson, believes a critical part of the experience is camaraderie forged between veterans with shared combat experiences. That bond, she says, allows them to open up about their struggles.”
  • From powerful hook sets to splashy fly presentations, Chuck Coolidge writes about some of the tips he learned on a recent trip to Wisconsin to fly fish for northern pike. Read more via Orvis.