Tippets: Streamer Techniques for Cold Weather, Perfect Your Casting Grip

November 18, 2018 By: Erin Block

  • In this recent instructional video, learn techniques for fishing baitfish patterns in colder weather: for example, imparting a jigging motion to your retrieve. “In this video, Kelly demonstrates how you time your strips to the raising and lowering of the rod tip during the retrieve and explains how you can detect strikes during the “drop.” This slower, lifelike retrieve will help you hook more trout during those times when they’re not very aggressive.” Via Orvis.
  • When casting, should your thumb or finger be on top of the grip? Domenick Swentosky addresses the question in this recent article. “I use both. There are good reasons for each hold, and we’ll get to that briefly. But accuracy and power suffer if you do anything else.” Via Troutbitten.