Tippets: Loon Live, Minding Upstream Pockets

November 15, 2018 By: Erin Block

  • In the most recent episode of Loon Live, learn to tie Anderson’s Euphoria and the Wiggle Squid, “patterns designed for chasing a particular anadromous fish that we like to call “steelhead”.  Anderson’s Euphoria has a classic, low-water style to it, whereas the Wiggle Squid is a bigger, high-action intruder that uses a great technique for adding composite loops to flies.”
  • Don’t overlook the holding water in front of rocks, writes George Daniel. “I’m not recommending that you disregard the downstream pocket–it can and sometimes does hold nice fish–but the front side is worth at least a few passes. Sometimes the grass is greener in spots others don’t think to fish.” Via Orvis.