Tippets: Return of American Shad, Fracking on Public Lands, Call for SARA Listing for Fraser Steelhead

November 7, 2018 By: Erin Block

  • For the first time since before the Civil War, American shad are successfully spawning in the lower section of the Millstone, a Raritan River tributary. Removal of an old, obsolete dam in Manville, Somerset County has opened the lower section of the river to habitat for American shad.
  • The Trump administration “is auctioning off millions of acres of drilling rights and rolling back regulations.” Learn how fracking is raising environmental concerns around issues such as endangered species and river management in this article via The New York Times.
  • The BC Wildlife Federation has called on Fisheries and Oceans Canada to list Interior Fraser steelhead under the federal Species at Risk Act (SARA). “A press release issued by the BCWF says the Committee on Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC) did an emergency assessment of the species when returns hit record lows last year, and recommended that the Interior Fraser steelhead are at imminent risk of extinction and should be listed under SARA.”