Tippets: RepYourWater and Meier Skis, Rookie Mistakes on Tarpon

October 16, 2018 By: Erin Block

  • Colorado-based RepYourWater and Meier Skis have collaborated to release a limited edition RepYourWater ski, named “Fish Sticks”.  “The more we talked about the project as a group, the more we realized that whether someone fishes in their skiing off-season or skis in their fishing off-season (as if there is such a thing), that Fish Sticks were an awesome way to show love for both sports,” commented RepYourWater Co-Founders Garrison and Corinne Doctor.
  • Chasing tarpon on the fly can have a steep learning curve. In this article, Kent Klewein reflects on his first tarpon fishing trip and what he learned on the water. “I hooked up with a couple nice tarpon, but I never landed one because I made too many rookie mistakes on the bow.” Read about 10 rookie mistakes and how to remedy them via Gink & Gasoline.