Tippets: Fish Farm Rejected on Au Sable, Steelhead Life Cycle, Observations of Climate Change

October 3, 2018 By: Erin Block

  • In a big win for the Au Sable River, “Harrietta Hills, the company operating the Grayling Fish Farm, has agreed to end its lease, to cease all operations at the Grayling Fish Hatchery by December 31, and to never again operate any fish farming operation in the Au Sable watershed.” Via Au Sable Anglers.
  • Recent research from Simon Fraser University has found that the life-cycle of steelhead trout  responds to changes in temperature and numbers of other species of salmon. “Researchers found that the steelhead trout age of migration, as well as their size and numbers, is controlled by a combination of temperature, co-occurring salmon, and other factors.”
  • Writer and outdoorsman Johnny Carrol Sain reflects on the changes he observes in nature and wonders whether what we once thought of as timeless will remain in the face of climate change. “It’s all merely anecdotal evidence, of course, something I’m loathe to use as proof of anything. But in our day-to-day existence as merely humans, what else do we have to make sense of our world?” Via Hatch Magazine.