Tippets: Big Fish on Small Flies, Fishing with Kids

September 21, 2018 By: Erin Block

  • In this recent post, Louis Cahill examines the flies in his box that have historically caught the biggest fish. “Without exception they were small, natural and traditional,” he observes. “I realize that this is in no way a scientific sampling or or even a thoughtful conclusion. It’s more of a forensic discovery. Rationally I’m struggling with it, but I can’t argue with the proof in my hand.” Read more via Gink & Gasoline.
  • “Ignore the baby registry that your expectant loved ones send to you,” advises Domenick Swentosky. “Instead, get them a Kelty Kid Carrier. It’s arguably the best gift we received at the baby shower, because of this: it gave me a way to bring my boys to the places I love most.” Read his post about fishing with kids, via Troutbitten.