Tippets: Remnant Population of San Juan Cutthroat Trout, Red Tide Worsened by Pollution, Diminished Flows for Colorado River

September 12, 2018 By: Erin Block

  • Colorado Parks and Wildlife biologists have recently found cutthroat trout that are unique to the San Juan River Basin of southwest Colorado. This lineage was previously thought to be extinct. “Careful work over the years by biologists, finding those old specimens in the museum and the genetic testing gave us the chance, essentially, to go back in time. Now we have the opportunity to conserve this native trout in southwest Colorado.” said CPW biologist, Jim White. Via Colorado Trout Unlimited.
  • While outbreaks of the red tide algal bloom have been reported for centuries, “a federal study going back more than a decade concluded that man-made pollution worsens red tide.” Read more in The Miami Herald.
  • As Colorado River flows continue to diminish we must ask serious questions of ourselves, writes Pete McBride. “If we continue to ask too much of water, this finite and incredibly valuable resource, it will simply disappear. And then, like civilizations before us, we, too, will be forced to flee.” Via Adventure Journal.