Tippets: Non-Profit Alpharetta Outfitters, Deciding Tippet Length

September 11, 2018 By: Erin Block

  • Jeff Wright is the manager of Alpharetta Outfitters in the Atlanta, Georgia area, “which is possibly the only fly shop on earth that donates its profits to charity,” explains Zach Matthews. Listen to Wright describe the surprising success of a shop that gives it all away in this podcast episode of “The Itinerant Angler.”
  • Fly patterns are important, but don’t neglect attention to your tippet length. “Yes, it is important to get the correct flies but equally as important is your leader and tippet,” writes Alice Tesar. But a big mistake anglers make, and “one I made for years,” she writes, “is just switching out their nymph for a dry fly without addressing their tippet length.” Via Gink & Gasoline.