Tippets: Choosing the Right Leader Length, Give Fish a Break in Hot Weather

August 27, 2018 By: Erin Block

  • Choosing the right length of leader can be a confusing process for anglers new to the sport. In this helpful video, Dave Lovell of Trouts Fly Fishing in Denver, Colorado, breaks down the topic to help understand what leader length is right for you and your fishing conditions.
  • Across the country, late summer conditions often mean low flows and high temperatures. With that in mind, Justin Pickett urges anglers to not put added stress on trout. Fish early morning hours and not fishing at all when water passes 67 degrees Fahrenheit. “It’s hard to get up on a beautiful morning and resist the urge to toss a few bugs,” he writes, “but the trout will thank you and the fishery will be better for it.” Via Gink & Gasoline.