Tippets: Point-Center Mass in Fly Design, Profile of Jen Ripple

August 10, 2018 By: Erin Block

  • In a recent post, David Goodrich writes about an advanced principle of fly tying: implementing mass to create a better and more effective design. “The full idea behind Point-Center Mass is to add mass between the point and the eye of the hook to further balance the end product,” writes Goodrich. “Although it is one of the more complex aspects of design, it is the most simple in terms of application and has very broad coverage of different flies. Learn more via Backcountry Fish Nerd.
  • “When Jen Ripple learned the rich history of female anglers,” writes Chris Wright, “she thought it was about time they had their own publication.” Read this profile of Jen Ripple, editor-in-chief of DUN Magazine, via Outside Online.