Tippets: A Different Take on Spey Casting, Understanding Leaders and Tippet

August 5, 2018 By: Erin Block

  • A friend’s shoulder surgery caused guide Jeff Hickman to re-think Spey casting technique, and help his friend learn to cast with his non-dominant hand on top. “With the non-dominant hand on top, people aren’t easily able to over power it,” Hickman explains. “They can focus on using their dominant bottom hand to pull in for casting power and using their top hand to stop the rod tip high resulting in effortless tight loops.” Via Gink & Gasoline
  • From nylon vs. fluorocarbon to standard vs. specialty leaders, Chloe Nostrant writes a great tutorial for understanding leader and tippet and choosing the best combination for your fly fishing needs, in this article via Gear Junkie.