New Fly Fishing Books

May 19, 2018 By: Erin Block

  • A Fly Fisher’s Sixty Seasons: True Tales of Angling Adventures by Steve Raymond is a witty and heartfelt, look back at the author’s over half a century of fly fishing and writing. “Raymond takes the opportunity to write passionately about the full cast of his life, as well as how fly-fishing interacts with his life as a journalist, and vice versa.” Skyhorse Publishing [hardcover] (May 15, 2018).
  • Back Cast: Fly-Fishing and Other Such Matters by Jeff Metcalf  is a collection of essays that encompass much more than fish stories. Metcalf is a professor of English at the University of Utah, and in his writing are keen observations about the human condition and  those who run to the river for solace and joy. “Whether he recalls carousing and tale-swapping with friends or excellence found through the challenge of the cast, Metcalf’s words, sometimes roiling and turbulent, sometimes calm and reflective, like a western river, vividly convey the pull of the steelhead and the fight for survival.” University of Utah Press [paperback] (April 27, 2018).
  • Backwoods Brook Trout: Stories of Time and Place by Frederick Prince is a collection of essays on fishing for wild brook trout in the backwoods natural ponds and beaver ponds of New England. “Adventure is part of what one can expect when pursuing wild brook trout far from roads. Of course, there are diversions – including encounters with bears, moose and other wildlife – as well as reflections on loons and life and climate change following the last glacier retreat.” Beech River Books [paperback] (May 4, 2018).