Key West Marine Water Quality Event

May 9, 2018 By: Marshall Cutchin

Keys Alliance, a non-profit dedicated to improving marine ecosystem health and quality of life in the Florida Keys, will host a presentation and Q&A session with FIU’s Jim Fourqurean and Bullsugar’s Dave Preston on May 26.  The event will take place at 6PM on May 26 at Studios of Key West (across the street from The Angling Company) and is open to the public. If you happen to be in town fishing, be sure to attend and hear the speakers’ updates on the state of Keys water and how Everglades and Florida Bay issues are affecting marine ecosystems.

Track the event on the Keys Alliance Facebook page or website.

What: “Marine Water Quality Update, Presented by Keys Alliance”

Where: Studios of Key West, 533 Eaton St, Key West, FL 33040 (Auditorium)

When: May 26, 6:00-7:30 PM

Admission: Free

Refreshments Provided

Event Summary

An evening of presentations and Q&A with leading marine water quality expert James
Fourqurean and south Florida advocacy group Bullsugar’s Dave Preston.


● James W. Fourqurean , professor of the Department of Biological Sciences,
director of FIU’s Center for Coastal Oceans Research in the Institute for Water and
Environment, and principal investigator, Aquarius Reef Base;
● Dave Preston , board member for Bullsugar, a non-profit dedicated to restoring the flow
of clean freshwater to Florida Bay and empowering voters to take back our water and
government to ensure a lasting legacy of clean water and healthy estuaries for future

About the Event

In keeping with Keys Alliance’s support for responsible management of marine resources,
speakers will update attendees on:

● The current state of water quality in south Florida and in the Keys
● The latest research regarding the connection between Everglades/Florida Bay waterflow
and Keys water quality and marine ecosystem health
● Legislative and regulatory actions that affect Keys water quality and quality of life
● How Keys citizens can stay informed and engaged on important issues that will affect
the long-term health of fisheries, wildlife and ecologically sensitive economies

About Keys Alliance

The mission of Keys Alliance is to improve quality of life in Key West and the Florida Keys by supporting responsible management of environmental and economic resources, and by
promoting governmental transparency and civic engagement. We celebrate both the unique cultural and historical character of the Keys and its ecological uniqueness, and we believe that long-term economic prosperity can only be achieved through effective civic planning, voter participation, and the preservation and restoration of environmental resources.

We also believe in and support:

● Voter awareness and education and preservation of democratic processes
● Science-based recommendations for resource restoration and protection
● Historically and environmentally integrated perspectives that place value in long-term
● Planning that recognizes the unique challenges and opportunities of a tourism-based
● Economic and social sustainability through improved management of local resources
and infrastructure