Tippets: Monte Burke Remembers Lefty Kreh, Advocacy and Access

March 29, 2018 By: Erin Block

  • In this recent article Monte Burke recalls the time while on assignment writing a profile of Lefty Kreh the two almost got in a car wreck on account of storytelling. “My face must have betrayed my terror,” writes Burke, “for, almost immediately his face opened up into that wonderful smile that encompassed his entire head and exposed that mischievous gap between his upper front teeth. His smile seemed to say, Don’t worry, young man. I got this.” Via Forbes.
  • A special report issued in 2017 by the Outdoor Industry Association and the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation, detailed women to be the fastest-growing demographic in fishing. In this article Morgan Tilton writes about why more women in the sport are good for advocacy and access. Via Gear Junkie.