Tippets: March Fly Patterns, Fishing the Edges

March 23, 2018 By: Erin Block

  • In this short video, Tanner Smith, a guide at Trouts Fly Fishing, outlines his top five fly picks for fishing March conditions. “Spring is almost here and that means everyone’s favorite bug is getting active. The Blue Wing Olive. The arrival of these tiny mayflies signals the beginning of the season and means there are warmer days ahead.”
  • While anglers often focus their attention on main runs and seams, edges hold good fishing water as well. In this article, Domenick Swentosky outlines great advice for fishing the often overlooked: “even the most nondescript, average, boring bank is a good place to try a nymph,” he writes. “It’s a good place to land a dry or any type of fly.” Via Troutbitten.