Tippets: Drift Boats with Hillary Hutcheson, Keep Hands on the Cork

March 20, 2018 By: Erin Block

  • In a recent Orvis podcast, Montana-based guide Hillary Hutcheson talks with Tom Rosenbauer about “getting a boat, rowing a boat, and most importantly, all the responsibilities that go with getting down the river safely and with courtesy.” Listen to a great introduction to drift boats in this episode via the Orvis Fly Fishing Podcast.
  • Fly rods can get broken in many ways. However, one usually preventable mistake is gripping above the cork when fighting a large fish. “Instead of sliding your hands up the rod in your effort to land a big fish at the boat,” writes Kent Klewein, “you should keep your hands on the cork at all times, and reach up as high as you can, while moving the rod in the direction of the net man.” Via Gink & Gasoline.