Tippets: Spring Trout Flies, Ponoi River Photo Essay

March 3, 2018 By: Erin Block

  • In some parts of the country winter is finally giving way to early spring fishing conditions, and this article by Morgan Mason outlines the best wet and dry flies for fishing the high and off-color water of spring. Via Gear Junkie.
  • Photojournalist Jess McGlothlin spent time fishing the Ponoi River on Russia’s Kola Peninsula. She reflects on her time there in this recent photo essay, “Vodka Memories,” in Life Force Magazine. “In the end, it’s what these sights and sounds and colors represented that remains—the silver flash of a salmon with sea lice; the rich, brown wood of an abandoned Sami hut; the clear blue sky where the sun never set; and the pinks and oranges and golds of an Arctic sky.”