Tippets: Reading Trout Water, Fishing for Muskies with Blane Chocklett

February 26, 2018 By: Erin Block

  • Learning to read water can greatly improve your success on the water. “Trout don’t hold in every water type,” writes Domenick Swentosky. “And wherever they’re holding they’re not always feeding. A certain percentage of the river is unproductive, and of course, that varies with different seasons and conditions.” Via Troutbitten.
  • In this recent article Oliver White writes about catching his first muskie while on the water with guide Blane Chocklett, who has learned about this species in a way few others have. “It was a brain-stretching two days of fishing, and I left with a level of understanding and admiration I didn’t expect,” writes White. Muskies “are toothy freshwater giants, but they are also finicky and test the limits of patience for most fly fishers. Via Fly Fisherman.