Tippets: Book Talk with Blane Chocklett, Packing First-Aid Kits

February 18, 2018 By: Erin Block

  • Blane Chocklett is known as a guide and fly designer and tier, but with his first book set to debut in Autumn of 2018, he is set to make his mark as a writer as well. In this recent interview, Chocklett talks about the book and his writing process.
  • Not every day fishing goes as planned, and if injuries or accidents happen while out on the water, a first-aid kit is priceless. “First-aid kits are sort of like nail-knot tools: Most of the time, they are buried in the bottom of your pack or hidden in a side pocket, out of sight and out of-mind,” writes Mike Tayloe of Finns West,But when you need to tie a nail knot, the tool makes everything easier.” Read more about what to pack in a first-aid kit in this article via Orvis.