Tippets: PHWFF Partners with Jordan Spieth Family Foundation, Fly Realism vs. Movement

February 17, 2018 By: Erin Block

  • Project Healing Waters has announced their recent partnership with pro golfer Jordan Spieth and his family foundation. “Spieth, who has enjoyed fishing his entire life, went on a fly fishing trip with his brother and father late last summer. It was shortly after this unforgettable trip that he learned about PHWFF, instantly recognizing the connection between fly fishing and rehabilitation.”
  • In fly patterns, realistic movement is just as important as having a realistic look. “For me, the key to tying and picking out successful fly patterns from the bins over the years has been to always make sure a pattern incorporates equal parts of realistic features and movement,” advises Kent Klewein. “When you can find both in a fly pattern, you’ve got something special.”