Reilly Rod Crafters Announces New Joe Mahler Signature Series Fly Rods

Reilly Rod Crafters has announced the release of the Joe Mahler Signature series fly rods. The rod is a medium-fast action rod is available in two models: the Lily Pad 5/6 and the Cypress 7/8.

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Reilly Rod Crafters Announces New Joe Mahler Signature Series Fly Rods

Palmyra, VA (February 8, 2018) – Reilly Rod Crafters is proud to announce the addition of the Joe Mahler Signature series fly rods to its line-up of quality fly rods. The Joe Mahler Signature Series rods feature a unique grip design with logo etched in flor-grade cork handle and have a complete lifetime warranty.

“We are very excited to launch the Mahler Signature Series,” said RRC President and CEO Chris Reilly. Reilly describes the Mahler series as, “everyday rods… comfortable, like your favorite pair of jeans. It’s the rod you’ll grab when you want to spend a relaxing day on the water.”

Reilly Rod Crafters other signature series rods include designs with fly fishing legends Stu Apte and Chuck Kraft. Reilly continued, “You likely know Joe from his numerous casting articles and illustrations. His easy-going approach and effortless casting style fit perfectly with the Reilly philosophy.”

On working with Reilly Rod Crafters, Mahler commented, “In ten years of giving private casting lessons, I have noticed that both beginners and experienced casters advance quicker and with less effort with a medium-fast action rod. I described what I wanted to Chris and he was able to deliver precisely what I was hoping for.”

The rods are available in two models, the Lily Pad 5/6 and the Cypress 7/8, using colors pulled directly from nature. The Lily Pad is a shade of bright green, and the Cypress is medium orange. Both models feature salt-ready hardware, including three titanium stripping guides. They also come with a color-matched cloth sock and plastic tube for easy transport. Both rods retail for $289.

“On favorite rods that I’ve had over the years, I customized my cork grips to feature a ‘dip’ for finger or thumb placement. This ‘dip’ adds both comfort and stability to the grip, so I knew that if I ever designed a rod, the ‘dip’ would be a must,” said Mahler. ”When I first casted a Reilly rod at the Virginia Wine and Fly Fishing Festival, I knew that I wanted to work with these folks,” he added.

For more information or to order the rods online visit, or check the list of Reilly Rod dealers.

For further information, contact Chris Reilly at

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  • Codty Pierce

    I am a full time fly fishing guide in SWFL fishing Charlotte harbor all the way around the glades to upper keys. I have had the chance to use both the cypress and lilly pad on numerous occasions in both fresh and salt. Both rod actions lend well to multiple casting styles producing nice loops, strong connectivity between angler and rod heightened by the thumb grip instilled in the form grip. It lends a comfortable grip with total control all the while helping with hand cramps and as a added benefit it keeps a nice hand posture sharpening your loops. The 5/6 is a rocket without sacrificing true feel in a rod lost by the trending design of extra fast tapers. From fresh to salt you owe it to yourself to try a well built aesthetically pleasing fly rod that is a pleasure to throw. Hope this helps anyone on the fence. PBAFlyFish

  • Paul B.

    Had the good fortune to be fishing with Mr. Mahler a few months back and ended up casting both of these rods during the day while comparing them to some of the “faster and more expensive rods offered” I finally choose the reillyrods as they were both a joy to cast and fish with for the day; truly appreciated the grip (to keep things in-line on each cast) and the medium action (much easier to feel the rod load). Not sure if it was Mahler or Mahler’s rods but i ended the day casting much better (read more accurately and further).