Tippets: Breweries and Water Shortages, Salmon Epigenetics

January 26, 2018 By: Erin Block

  • As water shortages increase, breweries are leading the conservation charge with innovative ideas. “A stunning success in reducing beer’s water footprint involves a partnership among MillerCoors, barley farmers in Idaho, and the Nature Conservancy,” writes Robert Glennon. “The goal was to protect Silver Creek, the world-famous trout stream near Ketchum, Idaho, by reducing the surrounding farmers’ use of water.” Read more via Pacific Standard.
  • Hatchery smolts have been used to increase populations of salmon along North America’s Pacific coast. “Scientists know these hatchery smolts don’t do well in the wild—the fish tend to die younger than their wild brethren and reproduce less,” but only recent research appears to solve the riddle of why: epigenetics. Read more via Hakai Magazine.