Keepemwet Fishing Grows Team

January 22, 2018 By: Erin Block

Keepemwet Fishing has announced the welcome of two new members to their Fishing Ambassador team: Photographer and writer Jess McGlothlin, and and filmmaker Jako Lucas.

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Keepemwet Fishing Grows Team

New Additions Include Photographer / Writer Jess McGlothlin, and Filmmaker Jako Lucas

Boise, ID — Keepemwet Fishing has just announced two new arrivals to its industry-leading ambassador team. Photographer / writer Jess McGlothlin (Jess McGlothlin Media), an internationally-ranging freelancer, and globetrotting filmmaker Jako Lucas (Capt. Jack Films) have joined the Fishing Ambassador team.

McGlothlin notes, “I’ve followed Keepemwet Fishing since its inception, and firmly believe this is an initiative the industry needs to get behind. Whether I’m teaching fishing photography workshops or shooting for commercial clients, the keepemwet principals apply — and photos of fish in situ are so much more interesting than the traditional ‘grip and grins’. I’m thrilled to be part of the Ambassador team and support this movement.”

Lucas describes, “Keepemwet Fishing represents our conscious efforts in protecting our fisheries and wildlife and ensuring that we educate others and our younger generations.”

The Keepemwet Fishing Ambassador team includes noted anglers and fly-fishing media professionals: Arian Stevens, April Vokey, Brian O’Keefe, Dave McCoy, Jeff Hickman, Jeremy Koreski, Josh Udesen, Mia Sheppard, Marty Sheppard, Nick King, Travis Sylvester and Uros Kristan. A well-rounded Science Ambassador team also supports the efforts: Dr. Aaron Adams, Dr. Andy Danylchuk (Science Advisor), John R. McMillan, Sascha Clark Danylchuk (Science Liaison), Shannon Bower and Dr. Steven J. Cooke.

The Keepemwet ethos states: We believe that as we learn more we have an obligation to evolve our mindset and practices. Thanks to advances in science, we now have a better understanding of the impacts that handling can have on the long-term health of fish. We believe that anglers have the responsibility to apply this knowledge to their fish handling practices and should strive to minimize the impacts on the fish they release.

To this end, Keepemwet provides tips and principles to educate, empower and inspire anglers to reduce fish stress during the catch-and-release process. The tips include easy, common sense practices easy to incorporate into an angler’s repertoire; by incorporating these tips into regular fishing practices, you can eliminate contact with dry surfaces, minimize air exposure, and reduce handling.

Learn more about Keepemwet Fishing at https://www.keepemwet.org/#home.

Contact: Bryan Huskey, KeepemwetFishing, [email protected]