Tippets: Winter Midges, Elevate Yourself for Better Drifts

December 18, 2017 By: Erin Block

  • There’s a lot to like about winter fly fishing, and one of those things is midge hatches. Spencer Durrant outlines this top five dry fly picks for winter fly fishing conditions via Postfly Box.
  • In most circumstances an elevated position will cause trout to spook. But sometimes getting a higher vantage can help you get a better drift. Kent Klewein recounts such a situation in this helpful post via Gink & Gasoline. “After a couple minutes of struggling with my drifts and failing to get any bites, I decided to climb up on a boulder next to me. This elevated me three feet, and allowed me to keep 100% of my fly line off the water and get that long drag-free drift.”