Tippets: Low-Impact Permit Fishing, Mastering the Figure Eight Retrieve

November 28, 2017 By: Erin Block

  • In this article Ross Purnell writes about guide Lincoln Westby and his lifelong passion for and knowledge of permit, including his keen observation of permit behavior in response to pressure. “Through decades of firsthand observation, Westby realized that fishermen can modify the behavior of flats fish like permit merely by standing or walking in shallow water.” Via Fly Fisherman.
  • When performed well, figure eight retrieves can be both productive and fun. In this post on Gink & Gasoline, Kent Klewein outlines six tips for mastering this technique. “Although I’ve heard of anglers catching trout, striper and other species with a figure-eight retrieve,” writes Klewein, “musky by far, provide the highest success rate of all game fish for using it.”