Jack Charlton’s Personal Fly Reels Up for Sale

November 14, 2017 By: Marshall Cutchin

MidCurrent just got word that a set of very exclusive fly reels is for sale at The Angling Company in Key West, Florida. Jack Charlton began his career in precision aerospace machining in 1965 in the Los Angeles area and founded Charlton Outdoor Technologies in 1991.  The first Charlton fly reel was introduced in 1993, and Charlton continued making fly reels with painstaking care and precision and in very limited quantities until 2003. Charlton passed away in October 2011. The collection (the reels are being sold individually) includes reels with Jack Charlton’s signature, production prototypes that bear early serial numbers, and rare sizes.  For more information go to the Angling Company website, email [email protected], or call them at (305) 292-6306.