Tippets: Bull Trout and Climate Change, Delaware River Shad, Salmon and Steelhead on the Snake River

November 8, 2017 By: Erin Block

  • Bull trout were added to the endangered species list in 1998 and since, have face a constant struggle to thrive and survive. “Today, the effects of climate change exacerbate the perils already facing threatened animals, and resources for protection are limited,” writes Stephen Miller. “The bull trout now serves as an early example of a new reality: The people charged with protecting what remains must make difficult decisions about what can be saved and what will be sacrificed.” Via The Sierra Club.
  • The number of juvenile shad in the Delaware River has risen to the highest in 38 years, reports The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection,“indicating that water quality has improved and dams have been removed to allow many more of the fish to return to their spawning grounds.” NJ Spotlight.
  • A new document from federal fisheries managers reveals plans to restore salmon and steelhead runs without plans to remove hydroelectric dams along the Snake river drainage. “Critics say the workarounds are not addressing the core issue and ultimate solution through dam removal,” reports Jonathan Wright, “but the federal plan makes concessions that might be required in the future.” Via Fly Fisherman.