Tippets: Fly Fish Guanaja Student Program, C&R Techniques for Small Fish

November 6, 2017 By: Erin Block

  • Each year the Fly Fish Guanaja lodge, located on a private key in Guanaja’s South Cays, turns into a campus for students to learn about the link between tourism and conservation. Students learn about “mangrove restoration, recycling, lion fish hunting, and a Spanish/English dual literacy project,” as well as enjoy the local flats fishing. The Fly Fish Guanaja Student Program will be held in June, 2018. Visit the website for details.
  • Barbed hooks are one of the biggest threats to small fish, writes Louis Cahill. “Remember there are no big fish without little fish, so treat those little guys right and let them grow.” Read more about Catch and Release Practices for Small Fish via Gink & Gasoline.