New Fly Fishing Books

  • Feather Craft: The Amazing Birds and Feathers Used in Classic Salmon Flies  by Kevin W. Erickson is a unique photographic guide to the unusual and beautiful feathers used in fly tying. “In addition to macro photos of individual feathers and striking portraits of complete capes, Allison McClay’s classic portraits of birds in the field bring life to the text.” The book includes step by step photos for 16 classic and current salmon fly patterns. Illustrated by Allison McClay. Stackpole Books (August 1, 2017).
  • BugWater: A Fly Fisher’s Look Through the Seasons at Bugs in Their Aquatic Habitat and the Fish That Eat Them by Arlen Thomason follows bugs and the trout that eat them through life cycles and seasons. Thomason’s photography is amazingly detailed and the book offers insights as his work both as a scientist and angler. This book delivers solid content all fly fishers can learn from. Stackpole Books; Reprint edition (August 1, 2017).
  • Fly-Fishing for Smallmouth: in Rivers and Streams by Bob Clouser is an extensive instructional guide, detailing the history and biology of smallmouth, fly choice, casting and technique, as well as the recipes for Clouser’s series of Smallmouth-specific flies.  Stackpole Books; Reprint edition (August 1, 2017).
  • Fly-Fishing for Bonefish by Chico Fernandez is the ultimate guide for chasing bonefish on the fly. From locating the fish when on a skiff vs. wading to foodsources, gear and tackle, this book should be in the library of every saltwater angler.  Stackpole Books; Reprint edition (August 1, 2017).
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