Tippets: Climate Change and Fish Size, The Elwha River’s Rebirth, Stream Monitoring in Pennsylvania

September 6, 2017 By: Erin Block

  • A new study in the journal Global Change Biology indicates that a warming climate “could stunt the growth of fish by as much as 30 percent.” According to the research, “The main driver behind this decline in size is that warmer water contains less oxygen.”
  • Kate Schimel writes about the environmental effects on the Elwha River after the Glines Canyon Dam was removed. “Slowly, with human aid, the river is carving itself a new form with a better chance of weathering disruptions,” writes Schimel, “including climate change. A new Elwha, unleashed.” Via High Country News.
  • In this article, Frank Kummer outlines how streams in Pennsylvania are monitored. “Trout are a proxy for a stream’s overall health,” he writes. “Class A wild trout streams, which have the highest mass of naturally reproducing trout, qualify as high-quality waters under Pennsylvania’s Clean Streams Law.” Via Philly.com.