New Fly Fishing Books

  • Famous Fly Fishers: Profiles of Eminent and Accomplished People Who Love the Quiet Sport by Norm Zeigler highlights accomplished anglers who are also household names, and connects the common dreams among anglers: “pursuing big fish in wild places; of making a perfect cast at just the right moment; of holding a brilliant, numinous, evanescent creature for a brief, magical instant before it slips away back into the flow.” West River Publishing [Hardcover] (July 26, 2017).
  • Tying Small Flies by Ed Engle is a great guide for the fly tier. The book covers small-fly history, tying tools, and materials, as well as tips on fishing techniques that “come from Ed Engle’s 30 years of experience fishing small flies on the South Platte River.” Stackpole Books; Reprint edition [Paperback] (August 1, 2017).
  • Fishing Small Flies by Ed Engle  is a complete handbook of presentation and tactic for small-fly fishers. Engle covers strike detection, fishing hatches, water conditions, and gear. Stackpole Books; Reprint edition [Paperbac] (August 1, 2017).
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