Introducing FlipRocks

July 8, 2017 By: Erin Block

A new shoe for summer adventures is on the horizon: FlipRocks. Built with “interchangable soles to meet the various demands of your activity,” they are currently hosting a Kickstarter campaign.

Read more in the press release below.

The World’s First Extreme Flip Flop With Replaceable Gripping Soles


FlipRocks is the first shoe to enter the crowded footwear market for nature and sport enthusiasts that keeps comfort, safety and fun as the main focus. Born from an idea that CEO and Co-Founder Anthony Graffeo had while out on a regular fishing trip, these flip flops are unlike anything else because they have interchangable soles to meet the various demands of your activity.

“Prior to the invention of FlipRocks, there were very limited options when it came to wet wading, kayaking and boating utilizing a sandal. Water shoes, which sand and pebbles get are uncomfortable and have no support. Sneakers, have no underwater traction and are even more uncomfortable than water shoes when wet and flip flops have no toe protection, support and no arch said, Anthony Graffeo the CEO and founder of FlipRocks. “The market had a very big need for a lightweight shoe that was durable enough to traverse raging rivers, slime-coated Jedi’s, mountainous regions and slippery rocks. FlipRocks is the only 3-in-1 flip flop on the planet. Each sole has its own purpose depending on your activity of choice. We thought of everything we would want in a flip flop and then built it ourselves!”

With FlipRocks, you don’t have to change your shoes every time you change the activity you’re going to be doing. Simply swap out the soles with a patented 3in1 specially designed midsole, upper with removable strap and GripToeNite pads and save yourself the money and the pain of having to buy and carry around different shoe options when all you’re trying to do is have some fun.

Currently available in three interchangeable gripping pads. The unique patented gripping system along with toe guard and arched support makes it possible to traverse a number of different applications.

GripToeNite Gripping pads come in the following distinct designs:

Water Trekker – includes a built-in stainless steel cleat and formulated rubber composites that assist in keeping your footing in aggressive fast-moving rivers and slime-coated rocks on beaches.

** A great option for Kayakers, Anglers, Boaters, Fishers and other extreme water sport adventures.

Marine Sportsman – focused on balance in wet conditions and includes a felt sole for stability and traction when inside a boat or kayak.

**A great option for boaters, kayakers and even a beach comber. There is also a three-pack of soles offered for those fishing different bodies of water and who don’t have the time to clean the felt bottoms between adventures. If you like jet skis, scuba diving and whitewater canoeing then this is the sole for you.

Timberline – best used when hiking through mountains or other dense forest areas. Tough enough to last through the rugged terrain and protect your feet from the harsh grounding.

** If chasing waterfalls, seeking out mountain tops and climbing through challenging off trail terrain is your mission, this is the sole is for you.

FlipRocks Backers can score up to a 40 percent discount on Kickstarter. Head over to our Kickstarter page and back us today!

About FlipRocks:

FlipRocks are the flip flops with endless possibilities. This startup was born from an idea by the company CEO and Founder who is also an avid fisherman and outdoor enthusiast. The concept was to create a better shoe for all terrains and that was still comfortable and cool to wear. The patented GripToeNite grips have been specifically designed for fishing, hiking and kayaking. One shoe. Endless possibilities.