Tippets: 5 Rivers Challenge, Line Maintenance, Stuck Ferrules

May 26, 2016 By: Erin Block

  • In the upcoming 5 Rivers Challenge, test your angling skills while fishing some of the most remarkable wild trout waters in California, including The Pit River, Fall River, McCloud River, Upper Sacramento River and Hat Creek. Proceeds from the go to benefit CalTrout and other local conservation projects. Dates and registration information can be found via CalTrout.
  • If your rod and reel sat unused over the winter, or even for a few months, the fly line has probably gained coils that can affect casting ability. Phil Monahan writes about “losing your memory” in a piece via Orvis.
  • Stuck ferrules can bring a frustrating end to a day on the water. Louis Cahill explains an easy trick for pulling them apart without damaging the rod. View the video here.