Tippets: Surface Film Prints, Reading Rapids, Springtime Blues

April 10, 2016 By: Erin Block

  • Photo prints from the Surface Film 6 event are now available for purchase via The Greenbacks. All proceeds benefit the TU group’s cold water conservation efforts.
  • Gary Borger writes about the secrets to reading waters in an article on Hatch Magazine. “Rapids are tough places to put a fly down and expect it to float with any sort of dead drift,” he writes. “But there are some tricks to it.”
  • In an ode to the fickle weather of spring, Mark McGlothlin writes about the “Springtime Blues” in a recent post of ChiWulff. “You can trade finicky, tiny dries for elegant soft hackles fished using an old-school swing and lift, all with the rain or corn snow patterning off your hood. And the fair weather fishers are nowhere to be seen.”