Tippets: How Fly Rods Break, Fish Handling Techniques, Dry Fly Design

November 5, 2015 By: Erin Block

  • In part two of a series on understanding how and why fly rods break, Tim Rajeff explains the details of rod failures and the different angler mistakes at fault. The Limp Cobra.
  • From the fight to the photo, learn proper fish handling techniques from Jeff Florence of Colorado Trout Unlimited. “Remember that fish belong in the water and as responsible anglers it’s up to us to help protect and keep them there. This includes, keeping the fight time minimal, reducing the trout’s air exposure, keeping hands wet, and releasing the fish back into the water properly.”
  • Kent Klewein writes about eight elements to include in dry flies for realistic imitations. From color and texture to size, read more on Gink & Gasoline.