Tippets: Saving the Northwest’s Salmon, Colorado’s Gold Medal Waters, Bonefish & Sunscreen, Serving Sustainable Fish, Bluegill Management

November 4, 2015 By: Erin Block

  • For generations, tribes in western Washington  state have depended on salmon runs. This video from Northwest Now features local tribal members and fisheries managers discussing plans for increasing salmon population numbers and conserving habitat.
  • Colorado boasts 322 miles of Gold Medal Fisheries that include 11 different rivers and three lakes. Jeff Florence highlights these special waters in a recent article via Colorado Trout Unlimited.
  • New research shows how sun protection products impact bonefish health, and highlights the importance of minimizing contact with a fish’s slime layer. Via Abaco Scientist.
  • In a recent interview on Ecowatch, celebrity chef and avid angler Tom Colicchio discusses the importance of eating sustainable fish. From the difference between species to the issue of farmed vs. wild, read more here.
  • The standard theory of bluegill management is that overpopulation stunts growth. However, new research takes aim at that norm, pointing the blame at angling pressure on spawning fish. Read more from Matt Miller via Cool Green Science and The Nature Conservancy.