Tippets: Fishing the Fly, Hemingway Facts, New Rules for Biscayne National Park

June 19, 2015 By: Erin Block

  • Even with the tenkara challenge of fishing one fly, different techniques make the simplicity work in different situations and for different species. Read a recent article by Tim Harris on really “fishing” a fly.
  • Ernest Hemingway’s“The Old Man and the Sea” is perhaps the best known and most celebrated of his books.  A recent article on Mental Floss features 11 facts about the writing of the book that even die-hard Hemingway fans may not know.
  • Rules in the new general management plan for Biscayne National Park will include a controversial “no-fishing” marine reserve. “The reserves aren’t the panacea,” says Jerald Ault, a University of Miami marine ecosystem biologist. “But they’re one important part of the strategy. By having a small closure, you’re enhancing the whole system.” Via The Miami Herald.