Tippets: Biking the Deschutes River Trail, Backcountry Tips, Bull Trout Border Crossings

June 2, 2015 By: Erin Block

  • Fly angler and cyclist Russ Roca pedals the Deschutes River Trail, chronicling the journey and search for the legendary salmon fly hatch, in a recent essay on The Path Less Pedaled.
  • From packing gear to prepping meals, angler Madeline Brenneman has some tips for anglers heading to backcountry waters to fly fish, in an article via GrindTV.
  • A new facility on the Idaho-Montana border at Cabinet Gorge Dam separates out bull trout for DNA tests, and transports them to the tributary stream of their birth; cutthroats are checked for health and then transported to Noxon Reservoir. The new initiatives protect native species from non-native competition for resources. Via The Missoulan.