Tippets: Heraclitus Fly Approach, Jim Waddell on Dams, Skeena Steelhead Flies

April 27, 2015 By: Erin Block

  • The “one-fly” approach has become popular in tenkara fishing circles. However, Jason Klass wonders what would happen if anglers did the opposite: “What if instead of committing to a single signature pattern […] you committed to never tying the same fly twice?” Read more via Tenkara Talk.
  • Jim Waddell spent 35 years as a civil engineer for the Army Corps of Engineers, and concluded that “dams are an economic sham.” Waddell recently sat down with The Boise Weekly to talk about the new film DamNation, and his personal and professional insight into the growing controversy surrounding dam building and demolition.
  • From colors to size, and old standbys to new favorites, don’t miss the top ten picks for steelhead flies on the Skeena River system, via Pesqa.