Tippets: Top Pick Nymphs, Asian Carp Moving Closer, Seven Knots

March 10, 2015 By: Erin Block

  • When there isn’t a specific insect or hatch fish are honing in on, sometimes the key is to have a fly that is all things to all fish. If such a fly exists, you’ll find it in a recent list of suggestions of nymphs compiled by Bryan Eldredge.
  • Brian Kozminski examines the Great Lakes fishery and what’s at stake from encroaching Asian carp populations. “We’ve been here before, invasive species are not a new thing. In fact, we have almost 200 invasive species of flora to fauna in the Great Lakes,” he writes. However, the threat Asian carp pose is perhaps the biggest challenge yet.
  • With clear shots and precise directions, Zach Dalton shows how to tie 7 of the most popular fly fishing knots for attaching a fly to tippet material in a short instructional film from RIO.