Tippets: Sticking the Hook Set, Vitamin Deficiency in Great Lakes Steelhead, Collaborative Conservation

January 18, 2015 By: Erin Block

  • Winter fishing calls for small flies, which can also mean tricky hook sets. In a recent article, Phil Monahan writes about 5 tips for upping your odds of success.
  • A vitamin B deficiency has been identified as the cause of death for steelhead trout in the Salmon River, a tributary of Lake Ontario. Adult steelhead returning to the Salmon River Hatchery are being injected with B1 in hope that the thiamine shot will enable the trout to remain healthy enough to reproduce in the spring. Via Inquisitr.
  • In a recent editorial in The Denver Post, Trout Unlimited CEO Chris Wood argues for a move towards collaborative stewardship in conservation. This ethic “recognizes that the most durable conservation is the most local and diverse.” And “Compromise need not mean capitulation,” he writes.